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Crowd Funding Agreement (CFA)

DAMPS BIOMED I LP Crowd Funding Agreement

Offered by Jeffrey W. Brown, DAMPS General Partner, the only authorized seller of DAMPS BIOMED I LP equity. All DAMPS BIOMED I LP equity is a percentage (%) total of ownership of DAMPS BIOMED I LP.

___________________________                                              __________________________

Limited Partner                                                                         Date

Social Security Number   ________     ________    ________





Telephone Number ______________

​Email __________________________

As duly authorized, the terms and price are agreed to as herein and determined this day.  All private equity interest is as a Limited Partner (LP) in the DAMPS BIOMED I LP.

All investors are considered qualified investors for the purpose of high risk investments. Please consider all factors of risk associated with all investments.  Management is available for any questions.

All limited partnership registrations are recorded by DAMPS BIOMED I LP accountancy. Your name and limited partner equity percentage will be added to the DAMPS BIOMED I LP master investor schedule. This equity participation document will act as the investor record. As appropriate with revenue, equity investors will receive Federal tax Form K-1’s for their passive income filing. Cashier or bank checks payable to:


c/o Jeff Brown
4170 Ingraham Street #2
San Diego, CA 92109-5460

After satisfactory time and review, all terms and conditions are agreed to and accepted as

is by:


Limited Partner Signature                                                                                           Date


General Partner Signature                                                                                           Date

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