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General Partners Information

DAMPS I PARTNERSHIP is offering to license, patented shock mitigation technology lines to an established footwear marketing and manufacturing company that is looking to increase revenues by incorporating new technology into their footwear lines and actively taking new footwear to their market.

The Technology

PATENTED: The Partnership owns patents on Directional Axial Magnetic Propulsion Systems (DAMPS) technology - advanced shock reduction technology that uses opposing super magnet suspension/propulsion to reduce the biomechanical shock of the foot striking the ground when walking. The shock mitigation is generated through a combination of opposing super magnets, an array of stainless steel compression springs, design flexure of the inner parts infrastructure and a highly resilient custom formulated outsole. This technology enables people who are on their feet for extended periods of time to substantially reduce the physical stress of doing so. There is also DAMPS II Technology.A modified lighter duty insert version for broad market adaptation.

The Value Proposition

REVENUE ENHANCEMENT: Incorporating current and future DAMPS shock mitigation technology into your product line allows your company to increase sales to existing customers and attract new customers to all lines. It also facilitates price increases for those lines incorporating the technology. The dramatic shock mitigation achieved allows for enhanced market and brand differentiation, improved market positioning against competitors, and opens up entirely new opportunities for creative advertising campaigns to attract and educate new customers and boost sales. DAMPS will reinvest an agreed upon percentage of the licensing fee back into marketing to support DAMPS branding.

COST REDUCTION: Production costs associated with (outsole, upper, heel assembly, etc) will be impacted by assimilating the DAMPS assembly process into existing manufacturing processes in the following ways: Confidential Technology Transfer. These costs can be mitigated/reduced/eliminated by: Confidential Technology Transfer, thus enabling the price for the DAMPS-enhanced footwear to remain competitive in the marketplace. Footwear manufacturing experts on the DAMPS team will work with your company’s production team in the technology transfer and provide manufacturing support to minimize those costs.

A PARTNERSHIP: In both areas of revenue enhancement and cost reduction it is our goal to synch each company’s business plan and jointly develop the best strategy for taking new footwear to market profitably. We are looking to provide an exclusive Licensing Agreement of the DAMPS technology for a specific line(s) of footwear over a defined period of time, when predetermined sales quotas are met. Royalty agreements will be individually negotiated for each footwear or industry licensing line. For further information on DAMPS Licensing please email After a confidential relationship has been established by NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), our Licensing Coordinator Partner will contact you to further assist your optimum DAMPS technology licensing package. Below is the link to our NDA for review or suitable substitution.

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