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About the Company

Established in 1988, B&B Technologies LP is a California Limited Partnership privately funding, advanced magnetic suspension/propulsion shock mitigation technology R&D for the military, medical and professional/commercial markets. B&B Technologies LP is the managing partnership for the investment DAMPS I LP.  Jeff Brown is General Partner for both private entities.

B&B Technologies LP is currently seeking $ 3.5 million in private equity investment in the DAMPS I LP, for USA based manufacturing ramp up of DAMPS Technology Smart Boots.  It is our projection to manufacturing our technology outsoles exclusively under license for multi-industry partners.

B&B has an talented equity based management team with over 150 years of combined innovation and footwear industry experience to mature the DAMPS intellectual property (IP). 

Please contact Jeff Brown for further information on qualified investments in the DAMPS I LP. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jeffrey W. Brown
CEO/General Partner
B&B Technologies LP

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