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Technology Partnerships

I. On June 4, 2004 B&B Technologies LP signed a NDA ( Non-Disclosure Agreement ) with the Office of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, for further development of a confidential new non-woven protective clothing for military boot uppers. On the manufacturing side we also will be working with James Keiser of Kieser Manufacturing. We will keep you informed of our progress in this exciting new area.

II. DAMPS Power Generation ( DPG )
On 8/26/03 B&B Technologies LP signed NDA with a company called RPS ( Reactive Power Solutions ) to quantify the power DC output of the super magnets utilized in the DAMPS Smart boot outsole. In a mach prototype fixture, more current was created than any other heel strike prototype tested previously. This project will have ongoing ramifications as the military continues to augment the electronic soldier systems. Below is a link to the final report.

(1.35 MB download)

(Microsoft PowerPoint required)

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