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1)  Please Review the Crowd Funding Memorandum (CFM) Crowd Funding Video (CFV) and lastly the Crowd Funding Agreement (CFA).

2)  If you have any questions email the General Partner Jeff Brown

3)  Choose what level of investment participation is right for you; a) $ 1,000  b) $ 2,5000  c) $ 5,000  d) $10,000 e) Over $10,000 please request the DAMPS Supplement I (DSI) from the General Partner

4) Complete and sign the Crowd Funding Agreement. a) Either download the agreement in Adobe, email to and mail a check or b) Print the agreement and mail with a check to
   Jeff Brown c/o
   4170 Ingraham Street #2
   San Diego, CA 92019-5460

5) Bank or Cashier Checks accepted.

How Do I Invest?

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