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First Tip:

It is more important who you know, than what you know.

Inventor, if you believe you have a viable American Invention, you should talk to an American inventor first. My name is Jeff Brown. I am an American inventor and I can save you time and money, guaranteed. I cannot guarantee the success of your idea, that is you the inventors job, however I will guarantee that talking to me will take measurable time and risk out of the invention process for you. We can certainly and dramatically increase your opportunity for success. Inventors have to stick together.

It’s tough out there.

There is no substitute for experience. With invention, failure is part of the process. When you choose to do something that has never been done before you are paving your own road. Quitting is not an option. Your preparation, your readiness, your passion to overcome the many hurdles you will face as an inventor will make a marked and magnetic difference. Learn from our eighteen years of pitfalls and our successes with our multi-patented DAMPS Technology Footwear, as seen on

Plug into our collective heads.

We discuss everything from;

Intellectual Property (IP)
Trade secrets
Trade Marks TM
Copyrights c
Provisional Patents
Document Disclosure

Raising money
Venture Capitalists
Equity Partnerships
Entrepreneur, French for asking money from your family and friends.
Due Diligence

3D Rapid Prototyping
Injection and compression molding.
What you can build from your kitchen.

Made in America.
Other offshore considerations

Rubbers and Plastics

Demographics; Who wants your product.
Focus groups; What do the people say.
Gorilla marketing; Word of Mouth and marketing on a budget.
Networking; The strength of a group, there is no I in team.
Getting interest; The Sizzle and the Steak.
Why is your invention better than what’s out there.
The Internet
Reality TV?

Existing channels for earning royalties.
First rule of invention, never sell your product outright.
The right offer.
The Deal.

The Land Mines
What to look out for!!!
Invention Insurance?
The Scamsters

The first twenty minute consultation is free thereafter on a fee basis of $49.95 per hour or an agreed upon consultation support contract.

You will understand after your first Free Consultation that we know what we are talking about. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

It’s Blogging Time
In concurrence, we are engaging an invention blog for the new ABC reality show, The American Inventor. The first two hour show is March 16 on ABC.

We were contestants, for marketing exposure and while not making the final nine we did make it to the final fifty out of thousands of contestants. It was during this reality process of talking with other inventors that I realized that there is a strong need for invention expertise, especially at the beginning levels.

I have been an American inventor for over eighteen years and I believe in my heart that invention is one of America’s greatest untapped assets. Everybody has at least one good idea in their life time, maybe more, however first time inventors typically do not know the steps required to proceed.

We’ve been there.

Let us help…

Please Email me at to set up your first free consultation.

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