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"You've Got to Be Smarter Than Your Shoes" Contest

"You've Got to Be Smarter Than Your Shoes."  ©TM, is part of our ongoing marketing campaign.

In 30 words or less, give us your reason or reasons, you are smarter than your shoes and win a Free pair of DAMPS Technology Smart Boots, as available in 2008.

Email us at  Anyone can win and there can be more than one winner.  Enter as often as you like.


If we like what you say, your'e a winner.  It's that easy.  Winners will be announced later in 2008 and will receive a voucher as DAMPS Technology footwear becomes available later in 2008.  Be the first on your block to have the finest technology footwear anywhere in the world.

DAMPS Technology Smart Boots, Made in the USA.


We call our technology boots Smart Boots. What are you going to call all the rest?

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