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Review Letter May 3, 2012

I had asked our partner John Ciccone DPM for his comments on the medical side of DAMPS.

Of great interest to the DAMPS brand and investors is the fact that recently there has been notice of  the "Baby Boomers" again leading the way. This time it is in the number of retirees and near retirees refusing to give up on youth and flooding the gyms and adult or senior sports. From Senior Olympics to softball marathons biking and even adult senior baseball the never give up attitude has spawned another peak in the amount of sports related injuries, chief among these is "plantar fascitis" and other common sports foot problems. The desire to stay "in the game" has led these senior warriors to find remedies and not give up the ship. The use of orthotics braces and other prosthetic type aids has seen a growth phase and will continue as all boomer related phenomenon have.

This is of particular interest to DAMPS as we have the shock mitigating technology to dive into this need with both feet. With the technology we will provide it is easy to see the opportunity here for our concern. Coming to market this year would be a master stroke.


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