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A DAMPS equity purchaser will receive a simple, one page Equity Registration Sheet signed by the General Partner as the investment and tax record and will be recorded on the DAMPS I LP master investor list held by accountancy. Partnership K-1 forms will be sent for passive investments tax accountancy. Certified or Bank draft checks are to be made to B&B Technologies LP. The managing partnership for the DAMPS I LP. DAMPS I Equity Agreement

As anyone has any questions re any proposed investment offering please contact the GP or call (619) 889-6397 or seek a professional advisor.

Investment Information

DAMPS | Equity Blocks

As noted in the DAMPS I LP PPM, individual investments have been suspended since February 15, 2003. However after unveiling our DAMPS Technology Smart Boot prototypes, and letting people walk in the boots and experience the DAMPS One Step Difference. I have had so many people ask if there are still investment opportunities, management has decided to augment the current PPM Offering and allow up to 10 new qualified investors.


With authority from the General Partner, the DAMPS I LP is now adding qualified investment partnership opportunities to augment the DAMPS I LP Online Private Offering. A Form D filing is in process with the SEC. There are several ways to invest as outlined herein. The purpose is to allow smaller investors an opportunity to participate until there is full subscription to the $ 5.2 million DAMPS I LP Online Private Offering.


Please note that any equity percentage (%) offered, does not reflect any valuation update from our earlier partnership valuation, now suspended. Management believes that as specific business plan milestones are met, a valuation upgrade will likely follow.


As with all forward looking statements, they are made with the best available information at the time and are subject to changes due to unforeseen circumstances and risk.


Please take the necessary time to evaluate any high risk investment opportunity for risk and investor suitability and/or have a professional legal advisor work with you. Any questions may be directed to the General Partner, (619) 889-6397.

Ways to Invest:

Gold, Silver, and Platinum DAMPS Platforms
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