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DAMPS Management Statements

John A. Ciccone DPM
“At this point in time, I am addressing the potential marketing of the DAMPS system of shock mitigation footwear. As the only tested and proven system to decelerate the impact of heel strike and then assist the propulsive phase of gait, DAMPS is on the verge of coming to market. The testing by the military and the results of independent quantification of its efficacy will allow the marketing of the system to the military, the public sector and also the growing segment of the population able to access shoes through the federal Medicare system of DME (Durable Medical Equipment), where therapeutic shoes are prescribed by physicians and podiatrists for eligible baby boomers. At this time when the fifty five and above segment of the population is retiring but not giving up any activities including high impact sports, i.e. running, tennis and softball, the incident of injury us well into double digits.”

As the year progresses we are ready to come to market on the upslope of this trend in foot related problems and the need for this type of shoe.

Respectfully submitted.

Ed Stone President of Boot World

I like the idea of making footwear better and improving shock mitigation is an area of great importance. There is no better technology to reduce shock mitigation then Damps Technology and it does not wear out! Its performance can be relied on for the life of the shoe or apparatus. This in itself is an amazing feat in this day of smoke and mirrors and fad, “throw away gimmicks”.

Jon Nussbaum Military POC SAIC
“It is the right time for DAMPS in the US military. The shock mitigation properties which DAMPS uniquely provides has been needed by all branches of the military for over a decade, but is need now more than ever due to a spontaneously shrinking budget, an emerging smaller peace time professional all-volunteer force, with continued dependence on an older per capita Reserve and National Guard. The DAMPS boot is needed to protect recruits from lower extremity injuries (approximately 30% sustain these injuries during basic training), Line units which are carrying heavier and heavier combat and basic loads than ever before, and reserve forces which are getting older and more prone to injuries then the regular forces. The DAMPS boot, as tested by all branches of the military and special forces (Army, Navy/Marines, Air Force and US Special Forces Command, is the only identified solution to ease extensive shock experienced by dismounted troops/Marines, enhance the wearers tolerance and endurance while sustaining readiness and alertness. This product protects the force and reduces the life cycle cost of the soldier while maintain force readiness and preparedness.”

Bill Walton NBA Hall of Famer
“If your footwear doesn’t work for you, you are simply dragging around a logo. Please be smarter than your shoes. There’s a reason why I am a DAMPS I LP Investor.”

Founder General Partner Jeff Brown
“We are very excited to be able to offer the medical markets the benefits of a proven shock mitigation technology. Our F-Scan pressure mapping testing and user field testing with Special Operation Forces (SOF) along with independent third part 1G 3G & 5G accelerometer testing, secure DAMPS as the leader in shock mitigation footwear for the military, medical and commercial work/professional markets.”

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