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With our military POC (Point of Contact) and contact administrator SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) here in San Diego, DAMPS Technology Smart Boots have completed successfully Phase I contract user field and combat tested in 2010-2012 with Special Operations SOF (Special Operation Forces), SORSE (Special Operations Research Development, Test & Evaluation) and AFSOC (Air Force Special Operations Command).

Our continued plan is to add 2013 Phase II contract award to include two hundred fifty user ninety day, double blind field testing data to support DAMPS Technology as a 510(k) FDA medical device for the prevention and treatment of plantar fascitiis (heel strike injury). Currently DAMPS is a 510(k) exempt medical device, as instructed by the FDA allowing us to market the amount of shock mitigation but not the direct benefits.

DAMPS testing included F-Scan pressure surface testing and recorded over 68% increase in heel strike shock mitigation when compared to conventional footwear. DAMPS has also been independently third party accelerometer tested at 1G 3G and 5G load levels with outstanding results in comparison with current shock reduction technology footwear.

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