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While we are able to show pictures of SOF Operators from the knees down, participation in the Shock Mitigation Experiment prevents us from marketing the results. We can say we were told by one of the program directors that we were one of the hits of the event. The man at the wheel of the boat is yours truly. That smile on my face lasted for days.  Thank you to SOCOM and all the operators for inviting us to participate. More to come...

Press Release April 10, 2014

B&B Technologies LP is very proud to again be working with the SOF community.  USSOCOM has invited DAMPS Technology to participate in its TE 14-2 Maritime/Dismounted shock mitigation experiment. DAMPS Technology MKV Magnetic Smart Boot Shock mitigation testing on land and sea.

Please stay tuned to for more information. Thank you.    

Press Release January 20, 2014

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