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Bill Walton

NBA Hall of Famer Bill Walton is a DAMPS I equity investor and he certainly knows a little about foot pain. Here is Bill Walton.

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Hello this is Bill Walton. Welcome to and the DAMPS I Partnership.  I am a DAMPS I equity investor and I sit on the DAMPS Partnership Board of Directors.  I support DAMPS Technology and the DAMPS I Partnership because we own the patent on the world's first, opposing super magnet suspension/propulsion footwear Technology for working and walking shoes. An athletic shoe utilizing DAMPS Technology is also being developed. Advanced 21st century, Impact Reduction Technology.  Designed for anyone on their feet all day long. The DAMPS technology benefit is easy. At 4:30 a person wearing DAMPS technology is not simply dragging around a logo. Please, Be technology smart regarding your footwear technology selection. It is well known regarding my history with foot injuries and I can unequivocally say that substantial shock reduction DAMPS technology makes for a better footwear technology.

DAMPS technology has been ten years in the making and always with our consulting podiatrist Dr. John A . Ciccone. More biomechanic information is available from Dr. Ciccone on the web site.  Research shows us that Low back problems are the number two cause of employee downtime. DAMPS is addressing this shocking issue at ground zero with superior technology and increased biomechanic productivity.

This new magnetic suspension/propulsion technology we call Damps, is revolutionary, with its 90% reduction in conventional dynamic kinetic motion shock and it's real dynamic stored mechanical energy propulsion - DAMPS is the real deal.

For complete investment information on becoming a DAMPS I limited partner, I invite you to please continue on to The web site acts as our Private Placement Memorandum and "qualified investors" may contact Jeff Brown at B&B Technologies LP to get the pass words to view our proprietary DAMPS business plan.

If you have any questions regarding the investment or becoming a DAMPS I investor please contact Jeff Brown at B&B Technologies, or you may wish to consult a professional regarding investments with risk.  DAMPS I management wants you to be as comfortable with your investment as our footwear technology.

This is Bill Walton thanking you and we look forward to your 21st Century investment steps in the DAMPS I Partnership.

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